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High Time for MD Endorsed Cannabis

US Doctors Support Legalized Cannabis

With 4/20 upon us, it’s high time for doctors to weigh in on marijuana – both medicinal and otherwise…

NEW YORK — April 20, 2015

68 percent of US physicians support legalized cannabis says a recent poll by SERMO, the top social network exclusively for doctors. SERMO polled 2,278 doctors and found that 68 percent of physicians support some form of legalized cannabis. SERMO physicians index closely to the demographics of American physicians in general, as benchmarked by the AMA.  The margin of error when projecting this un-weighted poll to active SERMO members is ±2 percent (see “A note on the data” for details).

Out of the 68 percent of doctors who support cannabis legalization:

  • 34 percent support legalization for both medical and recreational purposes
  • 31 percent support legalization for medical purposes only
  • 3 percent support legalization for recreational purposes only

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