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Defense of License in Nevada

In September 2007, the Nevada Medical Board found a homeopathic MD guilty of one count of medical malpractice as a consequence of his mistreatment of a patient, who died after the MD misdiagnosed his colon cancer as hemorrhoids, treated him with…

…homeopaths in Nevada do not have to conform to ordinary standards of medical care even when they are also licensed MD’s.

…witch-hazel and other ineffectual remedies, then, after the cancer had spread, unsuccessfully tried to combat the disease with Insulin Potentiation Therapy, a controversial treatment that has never been accepted by mainstream oncologists.

In contrast to what happens at most medical boards, where previous misconduct is usually taken into account, the NSBME ignored the fact that the physician had been forced to surrender his license in California in 1995 after the medical board there found him subject to multiple disciplinary actions due to “gross incompetence,” “repeated acts of gross negligence,” and “acts of dishonesty and corruption which are substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a physician and surgeon.” Consequently, for his direct contribution to the patient’s death, the Nevada Board fined him only $5,000 and ordered him to pay $6,500 in legal costs.

At the same meeting, the Board dismissed a second complaint against the physician, maintaining that it could not discipline him for mistreating a patient with severe cognitive impairments because he also holds a homeopathic license, and homeopaths in Nevada do not have to conform to ordinary standards of medical care even when they are also licensed MD’s.

In August 2009, the Medical Board responded to yet another complaint against the physician, charging him with two counts of malpractice for misdiagnosing and mistreating a patient by ignoring laboratory results and improperly prescribing medication. Since the physician got off so lightly in the earlier cases against him, and since the Medical Board tends to overlook previous misconduct, it’s unlikely that this latest complaint will put a dent in his lucrative practice. While the physician specializes in helping people to stop or even reverse the “disease of aging,” he attracts patients from around the world by offering seemingly magical treatments for other maladies such as diabetes and cancer. Some of his breakthrough nostrums include, along with Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT), ozone therapy, darkfield blood analysis, bioenergy testing, and Lifewave Energy Enhancing Patches.