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Alfred A. Montapert

The Foundation of WMPG Insurance

Wellness Medical Protection Group, WMPG, has developed specialized products for liability insurance featuring industry compliance tools to make sure your operation is safe, efficient, and protected. WMPG was created to address the ever-changing protection and operating needs of Alternative, Integrative, Anti-Aging, Aesthetic and Agrimedicine practices.

We have partnered with leading insurance companies and compliance resources to obtain the most comprehensive package of “protection products” on the market. WMPG is a licensed insurance agency and a subsidiary of RXNB, Inc.

  • Edward

    I'm committed to providing a wide range of protection for you and your business.

Vice President
“Edward J. Kuhn is a licensed insurance agent with over 15 years experience in alternative medicine practices. Ed is CEO of Liability Insurance Solutions, Inc. in Chicago where he has been actively engaged in developing insurance products for the medical industry since 1991. Focusing on covering alternative, anti-aging, aesthetic and cosmetic medical practices, and bringing his specialties and knowledge to emerging agrimedicine market”.

Great Insurance Can't Be One Size Fits All

Wellness Medical Protection Group tailors our coverage packages to specifically compliment your wellness business. We begin our coverage assessment by one-on-one consultations so that your coverage will insure a wide spectrum of needs such as compounding, distributing, manufacturing, and prescribing. We provide assistance in obtaining malpractice insurance policies that are specific to your market and your needs in order to protect yourself and your wellness practice from severe financial losses. To this end, we have partnered with the best insurance carriers to provide comprehensive insurance to all wellness professionals.

Be prepared and be honest.
John Wooden