Protection for You & Your Patients


Wellness Medical Protection Group has tailored coverage for wellness professionals to fit a wide spectrum of services.

We are an independent liability insurance agency with a nationwide reach and over 15 years of experience in obtaining quality liability insurance for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic, and Integrative Medicine. We have established relationships with “A” rated insurance companies to provide underwriting agreements that will give our clients the ability to reduce the financial impact of risks as they embark on these innovative frontiers of medicine.

Exclusive Products
Wellness Medical Protection Group offers a comprehensive policy for Integrative Medical Practitioners that combines General Practice, Functional Medicine and all MedSpa, Wellness, and or Anti-Aging procedures. This program includes coverage for HRT, HCG weight loss, IV nutrition, injectable treatments, laser procedures, PRP, chelation, and much more. We have created strategic relationships for customized underwriting with leading “A” rated insurance companies like Admiral, Lloyds of London, Hudson Specialty and Landmark American to offer you the best combination of price and coverage.

Wellness Medical Protection Group has developed innovative insurance products to address vulnerabilities surrounding electronic medical records and transmission of medical data. These policies will provide for costs associated with a data breach and theft of personal health information. This policy addresses data breaches, HIPAA privacy allegations, and third-party privacy violations, all of which can drain the resources of your practice.

To ensure coverage for all of your business needs, Wellness Medical Protection Group, offers our Commercial General Liability for coverage of property for claims of bodily injury and or property damage to or around your office premises. This policy also provides property coverage for your office and office equipment in the case of theft or fire, protects your product inventory, and meets your Workers Compensation coverage needs.

Integrative Medicine & Alternative Therapies

The medical industry is in need of innovative liability insurance coverage options for its expansion into integrative care modalities. Changes being implemented with regard to new health care laws and compliance regulations have created new challenges for clinicians following the mainstream medical model. A new breed of medical entrepreneurs are leading the way in creating ancillary options and for their patients in order to combat depleting margins, and Wellness Medical Protection Group will provide coverage and security as they expand their practice.

Med Spa, Anti-Aging Medicine, & Weight Management

Our exclusive program, with “A” rated Llyod’s of London, is designed for Anti-Aging, Aesthetic, and Med Spas that practice exclusive of general medicine or primary care. Procedures covered include: HRT, laser skin & hair, aesthetic injectable procedures, and HCG weight loss.

Tailored Risk Management Tools

Because we understand that your practice is also a business that also has vulnerabilities, we have developed proprietary practice protection products to further secure the interests of your practice. These products work in conjunction with your basic insurance policy, and offer features such as: Defense of Medical License, our exclusive MD CyberProtect for HIPAA and Cyber Liability Expense, and our Compliance Risk Management Network to help ensure your business practice is prepared.

Protection for You & Your Patients.