Words of Wisdom

No one is invincible…

May 2013- A physician performed a Prolotherapy injection on a patient. The patient was a known insulin dependent diabetic and the Prolotherpay was perfomed for the purpose of pain control. Numerous intra-articular Prolotherapy injections were performed. Subsequent malpractice lawsuit alleged…

Case was settled in favor of the Plaintiff/Patient for $405,395

…patient became injured as a result of an infection, which caused medical, hospital and rehabilitative bills, lost profits and income which otherwise would have been made, suffered pain, disability and inconvenience, of which injuries and conditions are permanent.

The injuries were a result of:

  • Performing injections in a known insulin dependent diabetic
  • Failure to immediately examine and treat a painful swollen knee post intraarticular knee injection
  • Failue to immediately hospitalize and treat a diabetic patient with an elevated white blood cell count and swollen joint
  • Failure to establish and maintain active hospital privileges during the time of the treatment