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OIG Squads Up!

New OIG Litigation Team will Tackle Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Cases

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has created a new team of attorneys focused solely on litigation involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

The new team was announced at the American Health Lawyers Association’s annual meeting Tuesday, and aims to help fill an enforcement gap among attorneys handling civil penalty and exclusion cases, OIG officials said. Previously, attorneys worked on OIG-initiated litigation in addition to other cases.
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High Time for MD Endorsed Cannabis

US Doctors Support Legalized Cannabis

With 4/20 upon us, it’s high time for doctors to weigh in on marijuana – both medicinal and otherwise…

NEW YORK — April 20, 2015

68 percent of US physicians support legalized cannabis says a recent poll by SERMO, the top social network exclusively for doctors. SERMO polled 2,278 doctors and found that 68 percent of physicians support some form of legalized cannabis. SERMO physicians index closely to the demographics of American physicians in general, as benchmarked by the AMA.  The margin of error when projecting this un-weighted poll to active SERMO members is ±2 percent (see “A note on the data” for details).

Out of the 68 percent of doctors who support cannabis legalization:

  • 34 percent support legalization for both medical and recreational purposes
  • 31 percent support legalization for medical purposes only
  • 3 percent support legalization for recreational purposes only

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Up in Smoke

Marijuana Business Daily – September 18, 2014
A Colorado marijuana edibles company is under increasing heat as a lawsuit was filed against them grows. The class action suit, which was filed Aug. 25, now has seven plaintiffs from as far away as Oklahoma and Wisconsin who all contend they were made ill by infused chocolates given to them for free. Several plaintiffs say they were “expressly told” by representatives of the company that the chocolates did not contain THC. The alleged dispensary denies deliberately handing out infused edibles to the plaintiffs.

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Coverage Offered for Commercial Marijuana Industry

A recently formed insurance agency is offering the commercial marijuana industry general liability and related insurance coverage on a surplus lines basis through several Lloyd’s of London syndicates.

Chicago-based Wellness Medical Protection Group, a unit of publicly traded Madison Heights, Michigan, firm Creative Edge Nutrition Inc., is offering up to $2 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate coverage to segments of the commercial marijuana industry, Wellness Medical Protection Group’s President Edward Kuhn said Friday.

He said the policies are being written for three segments of the commercial marijuana industry: growers, manufacturers and processors; dispensaries; and support businesses, such as laboratories.

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Please Recycle

Company May Face Charges After Trashing Medical Files

Fulton County, GA – Alpharetta police say criminal charges are possible after a moving company dumped hundreds of medical files without authorization. Police told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik the 180 files turned up missing from a Self-Storage facility on Highway 9.

“They contain Social Security Numbers, addresses, telephone numbers,” Alpharetta Department of Public Safety spokesman George Gordon said of the files. “That’s a grave concern for us.”

Gordon said the practice manager at Physician’s Pain and Wellness in Cumming, GA, called police after an employee went to check on the files and found one file cabinet missing. Gordon said when the practice contacted the Roswell moving company they’d hired to relocate the files, the owner told them he had thrown them away.

“Charges could be forthcoming for the destruction of those medical files,” said Gordon. “If he threw the cabinet and files into the dumpsters, that’s theft by taking from the storage facility itself.”

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Protection on Elected Procedures

A cosmetic physician performed an analogous fat transfer procedure successfully. Their patient acknowledged and signed off on an “Informed Patient Consent” form, that stated that the patient should refrain from going in a hot tub or swimming for at least 30 days after the procedure. The patient did swim and as a result, developed complications from…

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Doctor’s Office Sued by Patient Who Stumbled and Fell Off Sidewalk

GRETNA- A Jefferson Parish man is suing a local doctor’s office for injuries he claims to have received on its premises.

Monte Prevost filed suit against Dr. Abdola Zim Akhondzadeh, Fabiola Akhondzadeh and ASI Insurance Company in the 24th Judicial District Court on Nov. 6. Prevost claims he was walking towards the doctor’s office located at 2424 Rue Notre Dame in Gretna when he…

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Hot Hands – Hot Mess

SAN GABRIEL, Calif. (K.ABC) — The medical records of more than 700,000 people have been compromised following the theft of two laptops from an office in Alhambra, according to AHMC Healthcare Inc.

People are now being asked to check their credit reports to see if there has been any sort of fraud. The missing information includes: patient names, Social Security numbers, Medicare/insurance identification numbers, diagnosis/procedure codes and insurance/patient payments. Patients affected by this record breach have received treatment at…

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Doctor Sues Former Patients Over Allegations of Sexual Contact

A doctor in Crystal Lake is suing three former patients for defamation over their allegations that he fondled them in his office. Dr. Mahesh Parikh, a neurologist, had his medical license suspended indefinitely last year as a result of the claims. But he has denied any misconduct and is seeking to have his license reinstated. His attorney said that since Parikh was stripped of his ability to practice medicine…
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No one is invincible…

May 2013- A physician performed a Prolotherapy injection on a patient. The patient was a known insulin dependent diabetic and the Prolotherpay was perfomed for the purpose of pain control. Numerous intra-articular Prolotherapy injections were performed. Subsequent malpractice lawsuit alleged…

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