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Continuing Our Patients Right to Access Medicine
Our founder started off with a small compounding pharmacy and a vision to provide patients medicine they could not access anywhere but desperately needed. The response was astronomical.

Despite having zero patient complaints or products compromised, he was wrongfully tackled by the changes in the industry without notice.  After multiple agency visits, he was labeled a manufacturer and complaints were filed on “processes” in 2013, where no guidance for industry existed.

It is then when he realized that he could not go at it alone. He contacted his insurance company and instead of relief, they came in to audit his facility and discuss terminating his contract. Without true protection, he realized there was no dollar amount he could throw at the opportunity of being insured, if the support system wasn’t there during crisis.

Immediately thereafter, the Wellness Medical Protection Group began collaborations with former FDA inspectors, former DEA agents, strong regulatory law firms, and an insurance firm that would be there for the hardship of wrongful filings as a true insurance company.  Out of necessity, the evolution of insurance is now here, Pharma Protect, the interactive 4th dimensional backbone to your longevity.  Preserve your integrity and your patients’ rights to access.

Our programs will complement your primary insurance carrier by adding comprehensive coverage in areas including:

Pharmacy Dispensing Liability

  • Commercial General Liability insurance
  • Defense of License
  • HIPAA Claim Coverage
  • Pharmacist Dispensing Liability Insurance
  • Pharmacy Dispensing Liability Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance

Compounding Pharmacy Custom Liability

  • Integrated Compounding Pharmacy practice insurance
  • Compounding-only Pharmacy Practice insurance
  • Sterile Compound Product Coverage
  • Supplements & Nutrition Product Coverage

Beyond Liability Platinum Backing

  • Annual subscription Online access to current 503A, USP 795, USP 797, 503B, and USP 800 standard operating procedures and guidance documents updated weekly
  • Former DEA Agent multiple agency visit consult and facility preparation questionnaire
  • Compliance Law firm company preparedness questionnaire and consult
  • Flexible insurance agents customizing your package who understand compounding pharmacy
  • Founded by a compounding pharmacist

Stress-Free Insurance Analysis

The industry is changing and one agent visit a year is simply not enough, especially if it’s just for the sake of a renewal application questionnaire.

With the Stress-Free Insurance Analysis, We assign you a dedicated team that includes an interactive insurance agent, compliance attorney, and former DEA agent.

Our specialists will review your current policy and indicate all the deficiencies. They will provide you an apples-to-apples alternate quote and include the recommended add-ons based on the deficiencies as options. You will save time, money and energy. It’s easy, just provide your policy to our agent and we will do the rest.

Online Compliance Program

Many regulatory changes continue to happen at a rapid pace. Are your standard operating procedures outdated? Our teams of compliance pharmacists have launched an interactive online compliance package that includes standard operating procedures and much more. Our compliance pharmacists update this package weekly. Not sure about USP800? With the Online Compliance Program, you can access guidance documents too. This package is an add-on usually included with many tailored compounding insurance packages.

It’s More then Just Insurance, it’s Protection

Pharma-protect is founded by our compounding pharmacist. Practicing for over ten years without a patient complaint, however experiencing first-hand hardships of regulatory changes regardless, we are inspired and committed as a team of regulatory pharmacists, former DEA agents and attorneys to back your insurance up with proper consulting and industry guidance. Do not make insurance one hour of your time per year without taking any guidance into consideration. Learn about your coverage from the experts on the ground.
Fill Out Our 5 Minute Pharmacy Questionnaire & Add Protection to Your Bottom Line

Save from Paying in Full, Qualified Financing Available

Whether you’re just starting out, or ready for a renewal, Wellness Medical Protection Group understands that cash flow is a business priority. Relax and take advantage of our premium financing options that are available. Flexible financing can save you from the hardship of lump-sum insurance payments, but allow you to have the best coverage you can have that is tailored to your pharmacy. Talk to our agents and learn more about financing today.